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Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

A few days ago (maybe last weekend?) I went browsing through a local bargain store for a great mirror to add to my room. I used to keep a small, gold framed mirror in my room, but when I moved away to college the mirror was taken and put in the bathroom. While at school I was shopping with Jeff and found a beautiful silver framed mirror that was very sparkly and girly and wonderful and I didn't buy it at the time. A mistake. So when I went looking last Sunday I was hoping to find something similar, which I didn't, and instead found a great gold framed mirror that is very large and very inexpensive. Today I'm going to go pick it up and make it fit into my room somehow. I've been working with a lot of browns and creams and gold colors in my room but everything is sort of mashed up at this point. I think it will look okay no matter what.

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